Tesla stock $700 consolidation for next leg up | TSLA Technical Analysis, Price Predictions, News


Technical analysis, price predictions and news on Tesla stock for week ending 08/07/2021.  Tesla finally makes a push above $700 and breaks out of consolidation.  But, it is not out of the woods yet, as it seems to be consolidating at this level.  It will need to hold above this $700 support for it to make a run to the next key resistance level at $775.  To the downside, what previously acted resistance, is now acting as support at the $700 level.  However, if it falls below this level, I can see Tesla dropping to support at $660.


Tesla news this week includes:

  • Tesla owns close to 42,069 Bitcoins
  • Biden campaigns for 40% of US automakers sales to be electric
  • Demand for Made In China Standard Range Plus Model 3/Y is gigantic according to sources
  • Tesla Canada Long Range Model Y now showing deliveries pushed further into December
  • Tesla Cybertruck Beta line to be setup at Fremont prior to full production at Austin
  • Tesla opening Supercharger network will enable access to  new $7.5 billion EV funding in US

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