Snoop Dogg x DOGEDAY 420 Tribute video thanks Elon Musk | BTC dragging Dogecoin down


Technical analysis, price predictions and news on cryptocurrency Dogecoin for 04/22/2021.  In my opinion, the selloff in Bitcoin and overall crypto market is dragging Doge lower on this pullback than it normally would have.  Doge has near term support at 25 cents, but if it breaks below this, we could see 21 cents.  In an absolute bearish case, if it breaks below this level, we could see it fall to support at 17 cents.  To the upside, Doge would need to break above resistance at 29-30 cents.  A break above this level and we could see Doge test resistance at 35-36 cents.


Dogecoin news this week includes:

  • Snoop Dogg x DOGEDAY 420 Moon Video thanks Elon Musk




SOURCE: Twitter

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