Crypto Markets CRASHING, Dogecoin selloff, at HUGE discount | Technical Analysis


Technical analysis, price predictions and news on cryptocurrency Dogecoin for 04/23/2021. Huge crypto market selloff last night sent Doge all the way down to 16 cents. But it only traded there briefly before bouncing quickly. Doge has settled down and currently finding support at 21 cents. If it can hold above this level, Doge could make a run back up to 30 cents. A break above that and we could see 35 cents again. To the downside, if support at 21 cents breaks, we could see Doge fall down to support at the 200DMA at 19 cents. A break below the 200DMA and we could see it fall to support around 17 cents. I do not see Doge falling below that level unless the overall crypto market continues to get hit with selling pressure.

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